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Abraham and Gabriel

I first photographed Gabriel when he was just a few days old.  I remember being totally amazed by how relaxed his parents Mandie and Greg were (and just how incredible Mandie looked for a brand new mum).

Wind forward nearly two years and Gabriel has been joined by baby brother Abraham.  I was delighted to have the chance to photograph this lovely little family again.  Despite having a toddler to entertain and a newborn baby to look after, Mandie and Greg continue to be the most relaxed parents ever.  I’m hoping they’re going to write a book on the contented baby and ask me to provide the photographs…

Glasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-1P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-2P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-3P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-4P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-5P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-6P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-7P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-8P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-9P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-10P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-11P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-12P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-13P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-14P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-16P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-17P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-18P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-19P I NI M A G EGlasgow-family-photography-Abraham-Gabriel-21P I NI M A G E


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