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Chatelherault family shoot: Michael and Chloe

Just in time for spring, here’s a blog post about autumn!

Take two colourfully dressed children, with equally bright and colourful characters.  Throw in a quiet country park and piles of golden leaves and you have the perfect recipe for a lovely family shoot.

Huge thanks to Chloe and Michael for being such fun to photograph.  Who needs rain to accessorize with an umbrella?!

Chatelherault-family-shoot-1P I NI M A G E

Chatelherault-family-shoot-7P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-11P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-22P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-23P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-25P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-26P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-30P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-41P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-42P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-43P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-44P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-65P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-60P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-49P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-50P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-51P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-57P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-56P I NI M A G EChatelherault-family-shoot-14P I NI M A G E


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