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Culzean couple shoot: Emma and Scu

Emma and I go back years.  Way back in the midst of time to a different life living in London, working in an amazing building in the heart of Piccadilly.  Home to the Royal Society of Chemistry and to a group of desks in the education department where the seeds of a fabulous friendship were sowed.  A shared love of eating, drinking and chatting (much to the despair of our bosses) was quickly established and many an evening was subsequently spent in merriment.

Fast forward a few years and we’re both living in Scotland, one of us east coast and the other west.  Emma is to be happily married to the equally lovely Scu, but yours truly cannot go to their wedding at Cormiston Farm, enjoy the celebrations and take lovely photos as she’s already booked to photograph a wedding in Yorkshire.  Cue much sadness on my part.

One year later and imagine my delight when Scu asks me to take photographs of them both to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.  Off to Culzean Country Park we go, for a wonderful shoot featuring outfit changes (including Emma’s gorgeous Flossy and Dossy dress), autumn sunshine, showers, a slice of wedding cake and Scotland at it’s best.  All rounded off with a cold can of coke.  Life just as it should be.

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