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Western House Hotel wedding photography: Hayley and Simon

I have to admit that I’m prone to getting a bit excited at weddings.  Sometimes I just get swept along with all the emotion.  Sometimes I can’t believe I get paid for doing this job.  That’s exactly how I felt on Hayley and Simon’s wedding day.

I’m not sure if it was the sun splitting the sky when we’d been told to expect rain, the singing and dancing bridesmaids (more on them later) or the fact that the bride herself was positively radiating happiness but I found myself grinning behind my camera lens within minutes of arriving.   I felt like I belonged to the wedding party and that I’d known them all for years.

It wasn’t just the people getting me excited either, I was a little bit in love with all the details.  The vintage typewriter was a big hit, the bouquets from Bloomingwales were just gorgeous and Hayley’s ruby red Wizard of Oz slippers were perfect (a surprise present from her mum).

By the time I’d been treated to a photoshoot on Ayr racecourse with the happy couple, skateboarding and cartwheels from the brilliant bridesmaids, an early evening trip to the beach and the most emotional dance from Hayley and her dad I felt thoroughly spoilt.  I can’t wait to find out what the rest of this year has in store for me (although I have to say that the bar has been set pretty high!).

Western-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-1P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-2P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-3P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-4P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-5P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-6P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-7P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-8P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-9P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-10P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-11P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-12P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-13P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-14P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-15P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-16P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-17P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-18P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-19P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-20P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-21P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-22P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-23P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-24P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-25P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-26P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-27P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-28P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-29P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-31P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-32P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-33P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-34P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-35P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-36P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-38P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-39P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-40P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-41P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-44P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-45P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-46P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-49P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-51P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-53P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-54P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-55P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-56P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-57P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-58P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-59P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-60P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-61P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-62P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-63P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-64P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-65P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-66P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-67P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-68P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-69P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-70P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-71P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-72P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-73P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-74P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-75P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-76P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-77P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-78P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-79P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-80P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-81P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-82P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-83P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-85P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-86P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-87P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-88P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-89P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-90P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-91P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-92P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-93P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-94P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-96P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-97P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-98P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-100P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-101P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-102P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-103P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-105P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-106P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-107P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-108P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-109P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-110P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-111P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-112P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-113P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-114P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-115P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-116P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-117P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-118P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-119P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-120P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-121P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-122P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-123P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-124P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-125P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-126P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-127P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-128P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-129P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-130P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-131P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-132P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-133P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-134P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-135P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-136P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-137P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-138P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-139P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-140P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-141P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-142P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-143P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-144P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-145P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-146P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-147P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-148P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-149P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-150P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-151P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-152P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-153P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-154P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-155P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-156P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-157P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-158P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-159P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-160P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-161P I NI M A G EWestern-House-Hotel-wedding-photographs-162P I NI M A G E

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